Advice To My Children

As with most of the posts you’ll see here, I got bored one day and just started writing things I want my children to understand when they’re older. A good portion of this has to do with the assumption that that will one day marry and have children of their own.

-If you’re not willing to say something to a person’s face, don’t say it behind their back. That’s cowardice.

-Love God first, and other people second. In that group of others, prioritize your family as the most important people in your life.

-Keep your tribe strong. Your family is your first tribe, and you should choose your actions based on whether or not they will strengthen your tribe. If something will weaken it, don’t do it.

-Being a spouse and a parent is the most important job you can have.It is your greatest earthly goal, and a blessing from God. Grow your tribe in the Word of God, and the fear of God. This will keep you strong.

-Find good people of your own gender you can look up to and admire. Make them your core friends. They should love Jesus. They should have strong families. The women should be feminine, and the men masculine. You should add value to the group. If you hang out with substandard, immature, lazy or bad people, you will become like them, not the other way around.

-Be generous with your money and time. Give to God generously and cheerfully. It’s His money anyway. Give to those in need.

-Avoid or get rid of things that take your focus off of serving God and your family. Porn, drugs, vanity, gossip, alcohol, distractions, etc. If you’re too busy to read your Bible, pray, or spend time with your family on a regular basis, you’re too busy.

-If you can’t shoot with iron sights, you can’t shoot. A scope won’t make you into a sniper.

 This is a 500 yard shot…  

  So is this.


-Break the crazy cycle. Look it up.

-Keep the secrets of your friends. Be trustworthy as a confidante.

-Be polite, professional, and courteous to everyone you meet, but have a plan for every one of them being a threat to your safety.

-Avoid traveling alone.

“Say, what are you, about a size eight?”

-Get a CCL as soon as you can, and carry a knife if you can’t.


-Have an appreciation for all genres of music, art, and literature. Don’t just consume your favorites. You can find beauty and talent in unexpected places.

-Two is one, and one is none. Always have a backup for anything important; a gun, knife, family pictures, legal documents, term papers, etc.

“You never know when you might need those house keys in an emergency!”

-Avoid giving your opinion unless you’re asked. Not everyone is entitled to your opinion.

-In your vehicle, keep one to three days supply of food and water. Have extra clothing for rain, snow, etc. Keep enough cash on you to fill up your vehicle and get more food.

-Having a boyfriend/girlfriend will not complete you. If you’re not a while person without a significant other, you’re definitely not going to be one with a GF/BF/spouse. Be your own person.


-Focus first on your relationship with Christ. Don’t spend your time searching for a spouse. You should be running toward God, then look over and see that person running next to you with the same goals.

-There is no such thing as a soul mate, or love at first sight. Don’t get married, then ask yourself if you’re missing out on the perfect soul mate by being married to the person you’re with now. The person God wants you to be married to is the one you’re married to now.

-Don’t sit around waiting for clear directions. Find out what needs to be done, then figure out how to do it. Be self-motivated, not someone who needs to be told what to do.

-Put your dreams behind the needs of your family. Your kids shouldn’t go hungry so you can be the next Beethoven, LeBron James, or Dale Comstock.


-Take off your gloves to shake hands. Grasp with a firm grip, and maintain eye contact for two to three seconds.

-Maintain eye contact with whomever you are speaking. Don’t leave a conversation just because someone more interesting came in the room.

-Don’t complain unless you have a solution first.

-Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

-Live your life as if others depended upon you. Someday they might.

-Act in such a way as to bring glory to the name of God first, then to your family and tribe.

-Find people who disagree with your point of view, then have a conversation instead of a debate. You may be the one who is wrong, or you may find that your arguments have been disproven. No one ever learned from a shouting match.

-Don’t drink something you didn’t see poured, and don’t drink from a bottle you didn’t open yourself.

-If you have to go somewhere alone, let one or two people know where you are going, even if it’s only for a quick run.

-Always have some form of communication with you.

-The reward for a job well done is often a harder task. Be prepared for follow-up work.

-If in a leadership position, take less credit than you’ve earned, but share more blame than is your fault. Use your strength to be a buffer between the people in your charge, and those above you.

-In heavy traffic, keep at least 1/2 car length between you and the vehicle in front of you. Look for possible escape routes if you get boxed in.

-Bad things don’t happen when you’re not prepared. Bad things happen because you’re not prepared.

-If you hear something stated as an undisputed fact (“Everybody knows such and such is the case…”), look it up and study it. Unless there is proof, it tends to be an assumption based on a personal bias. Most history books are written this way, so fact-check what you are taught.

-If you have time to watch two or more hours of TV or play video games, you’re missing something. Talk to your family, play with your children, do work for school, make love to your spouse, get some sleep, learn a new skill. Don’t waste the time you’ve been given.

-Don’t ever try to steal someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend. If they’ll leave someone once, they’ll probably do it to you too.

-Pity is a terrible thing, and is to be avoided. You should never want someone to feel sorry for you. Don’t be the victim waiting for help.

-Never be cruel to animals, even if you’re killing to eat. If they gave their life for you to eat, that deserves respect and a quick death.

-Movie stars are idolized in our culture, but don’t try to emulate them. They spend their lives becoming something other people want them to be. Pick someone to admire who can create, who does things other than pretend. Avoid emulating most musicians and pro athletes as well.

-Early is on time, and on time is late. Be ten to fifteen minutes early to everything. Being late tells everyone that your time is more important than theirs.

-Lying says that you are afraid of what the truth brings. Liars are cowards. Always tell the truth, even if it means you’re be in trouble.

-Avoid people who insist that they don’t care what anyone else thinks. They are always unreliable and selfish because they do what they feel like no matter how it affects anyone else.

-The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ did not take place so that you could love yourself more, or feel better about yourself. It is salvation for the sinner from Hell, so treat it accordingly.

More to come later. Comment with any additional ideas.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Matt Coffey says:

    – Avoid wearing another man’s name on your shirt.
    – Usually, the only thing worth imitating about an athlete is their athleticism.
    – Some entitled people think they deserve something just because they have it. Others think they deserve something just because they don’t have it. Avoid being either.


  2. Another home run! You are my new favorite blogger!


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