In Defense of Genocide

Stick with me until the end, people. I’m going somewhere with this.
There is a demographic in our nation that is becoming a growing problem, and they need to go away.


This demographic has been scientifically proven to be less developed mentally and physically than you or I. I can almost guarantee that none of them are, or can, read this article.

They have a diminished brain capacity.

Physically, they are inferior to each of us normal Americans.

Though not 100% of the time, after quite a few years in our nation, quite a few of them end up being violent to each other, and to the rest of us.

If I told you that in a bowl of 100 M&M’s, one was poisoned, would you take a chance, or would you simply throw out the whole bowl?

Indeed, it could reasonably be said that they are not real people like the rest of us.

They are a drain on the resources of normal citizens like us, and on society as a whole.

Most importantly, they are impinging on the rights and freedoms of over half of our nation’s more developed and useful population.

I doubt that it would work to send them all away, and no doubt getting them out of our country would kill them anyway because they are so very dependent upon the efforts of hard-working Americans.

I simply propose elimination.

It would have to be government sanctioned, obviously, to lend legitimacy to the effort, but there would be centers built and funded by either the federal government, or at the state level.

Specially-trained personnel would perform the elimination in order to assure that it would be as quick and as painless as possible. Suffering is something that none of us civilized people want to witness, even for this people group. We aren’t, after all, monsters.

The American citizen who feels that this demographic needs to be exterminated, and finds him or herself in the company of these people, need only accompany them to these elimination centers so that the subject can be euthanized. There will be no questions asked, and it will be as clean, quick, and painless as humanly possible.

I understand that some of our nation’s productive citizens would be squeamish about participating in this solution, but my proposal would solve that by only recruiting willing participants.

He or she is perfectly free to not do so, and it is up to the individual, but the hard-working American citizen is doing our nation a service, and is furthering the cause of our individual rights by participating.

Indeed, participants should feel proud of their part in driving along the advancement of our society. They should praised publicly, and never shamed! 

Should any people feel pangs of guilt about the process, there will be counselling centers available, free of cost, to gently remind them that they are doing the country a favor, and that eliminating this undesirable demographic is helping to promote our God-given, Constitutional liberties.

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There are those who defend this group of people, and would call them “victims.” All any of us need to do is ask if they have taken any of these subjects into their homes to take care of them. If that bleeding-heart defender of our nation’s enemy is not immediately willing to take every single one of these people off of the streets and provide for their every single need, their opinion is completely invalid.

These people, citizens though they may be, will call this a “genocide.” Though this idea has all of the earmarks common to such an atrocity, a change in terminology will be pursued. We would need the help of the main stream media to rid the words “genocide” or “murder” from our lexicon when referring to this specific act. The media can further help our cause by flipping the focus away from this undesirable people group and their suffering (though it’s doubtful that they suffer at all during euthanization), and flip the terminology to words of freedom.

However, because we are not monsters, it should be mentioned that any citizen who finds themselves in the company of one of these undesirables is perfectly free to bring them into their homes and care for them. That is, if they are willing to take the chance, and if they are willing to revert to the backwards methodologies used by less developed nations. As a benevolent nation, we would allow these citizens to do so, though elimination is obviously the preferred method.
Does all this sound monstrous to you? Does it sound obviously evil to attempt to convince an entire nation that it is not only morally excusable, but beneficial to murder an entire group of people? Isn’t it obvious that, even if this demographic were less developed than us, they still deserve protection? Doesn’t it seem that any attempt to kill one of these people should be punished under the full crushing wrath of our legal system?

When discussing the Holocaust, a common sentiment is disbelief that an ideology so extreme could convince a nation to exterminate the “Jewish Problem.” We read about the concentration camps and the emotionless extermination in righteous indignation. We judge the civilians living next to the camps for never speaking up or acting out in protest of the obvious murder taking place next to them, before their very eyes. We mock their efforts to convince their nations that Jews are inferior, and therefore should be destroyed.

We clasp our hands in horror, and ask ourselves “How?” Yet we are guilty of the same. We have allowed the murder of unborn children into our country because they’re “not really people, yet.” We slaughter them daily, and call it an advancement of personal liberty. Those who speak out against their murder are labelled “extremists.”

I find it interesting that the same justifications used above are being used by proponents of abortion.

Babies aren’t people, they’re just undeveloped bits of tissue.

If they’re not viable out of the womb and are too weak to live on their own, they aren’t human.

They can be an infringement to a woman’s right to choose.

Destroying them is a step in the “right direction” for women’s rights.

If you aren’t immediately willing to adopt right now, you should advocate their termination.

People don’t care for their babies much anyways, so everyone else should be ok willing killing them.

Six million Jews murdered? 

Seven million Soviets murdered?

1.8 million Polish people murdered?

Those are junior varsity numbers compared with what our country has done to babies. Hitler would be proud.

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