A Case of Changing Identity

With the current trend these days to make up random nonsense, and then change one’s identity to it, I’ve decided to give it a try.

While some may pretend to be another gender or race, others get more imaginative as they change species altogether.

I have decided to take this blue pill to a different ending.

I’m finally coming out, guys. I now self-identify as…


Here’s how I do it. First, I face the camera.

Then I turn slightly to the side, to take advantage of the lighting.

Next, I lower my head, as if to prepare for a fight. Notice that this posture also makes my shoulders look a bit thicker.

Now I create a facial expression of confused incredulity, as if I just cannot believe that someone interrupted my beatdown of this evil villain!

Finally, I change shirts, get a new background, and viola, I am now Jason Statham.

Here’s one of me looking shnazzy…

Here’s one of me with the cast of “The Expendables 3.” Great bunch of guys.

Aaaaand here’s me every morning, just being normal.

As Jason Statham, I am entitled to all of his money and fame. I deserve it, if only for being British and awesome.

See, I can make up dumb stuff too.

All images from Wikipedia Commons.


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