Follower of Christ

Husband of the perfect woman

Father of a litter

Former Marine Corps Infantryman

“Nate Coffey spent four years attempting to become a preacher, and later a chaplain. After deploying with the Marine Corps, Nate realized that being a Scout Sniper was way more fun, and hilarity ensued as he spent the next eight years attempting to do that job for the glory of our republic and our illustrious Corps. After deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a stint as a WPPS contractor, Nate set down the gun and devoted his life to teaching his family (and indeed the world) the wonders of beards, improper civilian attire, knife hands, and the DD214. He is a fan of chick flicks like “Commando” and “Boondock Saints.”

He views The Lord of the Rings as his bible, you know, next to the actual one. Nate also attempted to write at The Havok Journal, and can be found on Facebook at “The Tater Blog.” He spends his free time shivering in tree stands across the Midwest (not to hunt, he just really thinks they’re comfortable), and politically leans a bit to the left…of Ragnar Lothbrok.”


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  1. John Ringo says:

    The best quote of the book:

    ‘We’ve lost everything. Home, our country, family. The only thing we’ve got left, Gunny, is Faith.’

    And ‘Never Been Kissed’ from the anthology is a gut punch.


    1. I was also thinking about Faith’s quote from when she first boarded that ship and was swarmed, the scene they made into a funny music video.


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